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– 1.8 G CABS
– 117 G CARBS


TRUE GAIN is a superstar lean mass gainer tailor-made for individuals who need the high calorie consumption necessary to optimise lean muscle recovery and muscle gains.

This product was designed to suit active men and women of all kinds right through to professional athletes and bodybuilders. This product may also be useful for those individuals who possess a high metabolic rate or regularly engage in highly intense training sessions that burn through a stack of calories.

To enhance this premium protein blend, a comprehensive blend of complex carbohydrates is added providing useful energy to active bodies. If you’re on a mission to add more hardcore mass to your frame, this product is the ideal protein/carbohydrate matrix to achieve this goal. Take two to three servings every day of TRUE GAINER and you can pack thousands more calories into your diet that, when combined with an efficient exercise program, will have you adding that elusive muscle mass to your frame. Inside this product you’ll find a high quality “protein/carbohydrate matrix” for maximum growth and recovery.