How Bodybuilding can help you enjoy your life!

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How Bodybuilding can help you enjoy your life!

Bodybuilder’s Are Selfish With Their Time: One common denominator among people who are overweight and frustrated is that they do things for everyone else in their life but never take time for themselves! But, as a bodybuilder, you are a little selfish with your time. You realize that you need time to workout to recharge your batteries and function on a high level in all areas of your daily life. 

Bodybuilders Acknowledge Their Accomplishments: There’s a big difference between bragging and accepting compliments. As a bodybuilder, you are open to compliments and you are proud of your hard work, dedication and the positive changes you’ve made in your health and overall life. 

Bodybuilders Explore Life: Bodybuilders are always in search of ways to improve their health, their workouts and their life in general. By exploring new activities, bodybuilders meet new people and challenge their bodies through rock climbing, hiking, rappelling, trail running and adventure races. Constant exploration brings excitement to your days and something to look forward to. 

Bodybuilders Have Energy: Working out and eating right will give you more energy. And, when you look good you feel good and you are more likely to take part in new activities. 

Bodybuilding Get Right Back Up After A Setback: Life will throw you curve balls sometimes but, as a bodybuilder, you keep your eye on the ball and hit it out of the park. You don’t let illness, weight gain, traffic, a stressful day or anything else get in your way. Instead, you stay on track no matter what comes your way. 

Bodybuilding Is A Diversion: Sometimes we need a distraction. If your mind is racing with thoughts about your ex, your boss, or the economy, bodybuilding will help you focus on something else, regroup and make it through your day with fewer worries.

Additional Tips To Help You Enjoy Life: 

Take the time to have a social life
Get outside and appreciate nature
Watch a good movie
See a therapist if something bothers you (or EAP – your job’s employee assistance program)
Journal about the positive things in your life and focus on these
Journal about the things you want to change and take action
Volunteer and help those less fortunate
Surround yourself with people you enjoy
Minimize your time spent around the naysayers
Get hobbies – bodybuilding is one, now add others that you enjoy
Do what you love


Happiness can be created. Once you believe that you’ll realize that you are in control of your own destiny. And controlling your path in life is both powerful and uplifting. As the poem goes, “When things go wrong, as they sometimes will… rest if you must, but don’t you quit.”