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Key Benefits of True Iso – Whey Protein Isolate



Proteins are building blocks of life and every cell in human body contains protein. The body uses protein to build and repair tissues, bones, muscles, cartilage, nails, hormones and blood amongst other uses. The body cannot store protein like fat and carbohydrates and regular intake of protein is essential. Protein is made up of 20 different essential amino and non-essential amino acids. The human body does not produce essential amino acids that must come from diet. Whey protein isolate (WPI) is very popular among athletes, body builders and strength trainers as it is a source of “complete protein”. It contains all essential amino acids and most of the non-essential amino acids. Whey is derived from milk as a liquid by-product of cheese making process. This liquid used to be discarded as waste until the dairy companies recognised the nutritional value of whey and some set up large whey manufacturing plants to further process whey from liquid form into powder form to essentially increase its protein content. There are two methods of production for Whey isolate protein powder, Ion exchange and Cross-flow micro-filtration (CFM whey) & ultra filtration. The key difference is that CFM whey is isolated using air pressure and tiny micro filters which keeps the structure of proteins intact and results in best whey protein possible. Ion exchange on the other hand is a method of isolation using electric charge, which results in higher yield for protein manufacturers but depletes many valuable and health promoting components of whey. It is advisable to always buy CFM whey to get the maximum benefits of whey supplementation. 


Accelerates lean muscle growth 
Muscle gain or loss is a direct result of two simultaneously occurring processes called Muscle protein breakdown (MPB) and muscle protein synthesis (MPS). Muscle protein syntheses is simply muscle repair and rebuild process. Muscle gain occurs when there is a positive protein balance, which means the rate of MPS is higher than the rate of MPB. Consumption of high quality protein in close proximity to resistance or endurance training further stimulates muscle protein synthesis, which leads to positive protein balance. Research has found whey protein to stimulate muscle protein synthesis to greater degree than soy and casein, which makes it ideal for sports nutrition. 

Speedy recovery after exercise 
Research has shown that consumption of essential amino acids within first hour immediately after exercise enhances muscle repair and rebuild process. The digestion rate of protein source is an important factor in selection. The uptake of nutrients by muscles immediately after exercise is very high. The rate of muscle protein breakdown increases during rigorous exercise (Catabolic state) and continues for some time after exercise, which leads to muscle loss. Whey protein isolate consumption post- exercise speeds up recovery of muscles and slows down further muscle breakdown. Whey Protein isolate has fast rate of digestion which makes it fantastic for post workout recovery. The amino acids aka building blocks of protein contained in whey protein isolate, break down quickly after consumption and get absorbed in blood stream for fast delivery to muscles. 

Weight management 
Whey protein isolate promotes ‘high quality’ of weight loss, which is defined as greater amount of fat loss and retention of lean muscle mass during caloric restriction. It improves the ratio of body weight to strength and endurance. Lean muscle retention is also important in maintenance of resting metabolic rate and preventing weight regain. Research has found that high protein diet where protein makes up 20-35% of total energy intake in caloric restricted is more effective at maintaining weight and fat loss. Whey protein isolate has high protein content and is virtually fat free. It makes you feel fuller for longer and provides more energy per gram compared to carbs and fats. 

Healthy Ageing 
Healthy agers measure health based on mobility, strength and ability to stay active. Muscles are integral to daily activities like playing with grandkids, doing more in the garden or walking the dog. Ageing is linked to progressive decline in muscle mass and associated decline in strength. This can be prevented by consumption of high quality whey protein and regular physical activity. It can be easily added to you breakfast cereals or mid morning smoothies or enjoyed on its own. Research data from U.S. national health and nutrition

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